Dillman/Stillman Family Association Message Board

Welcome to the Dillman and Stillman Family Message Board. The Message Board has been created so that you may post inquiries and/or replies. There are a just few guidelines that we would like for you to follow.

  • Though a Dillman Family Association membership is not required or even looked for with your post, your membership would be nice.
  • Post only inquiries or replies to messages on this board. If you have any comments please add them to our Guestbook.
  • When posting please give as much information as possible. Name, Birth and/or Death, Place, etc. The more information you give, the better chance of getting results.
  • Always be patient and polite.
  • Dillman Family Association maintains the right to remove any post.
  • Dillman Family Association does not guarantee the accuracy of any post on this forum.

Here you go. Go and post your inquiry or read the many posts and comments already on line by clicking on the DFA logo.

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