Q1. What surnames are a part of the Dillman project?

A. Diehlmann, Diehlman, Dilman, Dillman, Dilmann, Dillmann, Delman,Tilman, Thielman, Tillman, Tilghman, or Stillman.  If you have another surname you believe might be a connection, please contact us!

Q2. What is DNA?

A. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic fingerprint of all living things. Human DNA is located on pairs of chromosomes. The sex chromosome is made up of a pair ( either XX [female] or XY [male] ). Therefore a male receives the X gene from his mother and the Y gene only from his father. DNA is composed of sequences of bases which recur in certain repetitive patterns. It is small portions of these repetitive base pairs that are studied thru sophisticated state-of-the-art scientific techniques.

Names (numbers) are assigned to these portions called DYS . Comparing these DYS numbers between different samples allows one to prove or disprove a common ancestor.

Q3. Do the evaluated Y markers contain any personal information related to a person’s health or inheritance of disease-related genes?

A. No, they do not really do anything except pass from one male to the next. In other words, they do not identify hair color, IQ, health related issues, intellectual ability, etc. The very small sample of the markers (loci) reported in the Y chromosome DNA analysis represents a tiny part of the complete DNA “fingerprint,” therefore, no one could identify you specifically from the Y chromosome sample even if they wanted to.

Q4. Why is it that you insist on direct Dillman male descendents?

A. The Y chromosome is passed from father to son and it is the Y chromosome that FamilyTreeDna evaluates.  mtDNA is useful for other things, but does not prove a lineage.

Q5. How will my privacy be protected?

A. Your name will never be shown on the web page. Only your marker scores will be shown along with a new FTDna coded number. Refer to for their policy .

Q6. If I find a similar DNA markers to mine on the web page, how do I contact the DNA donor?

A. Send the administrator an email using the email link in the menu to the left requesting to communicate with a particular donor. Your email will be forwarded to the donor, who has the option of replying to your request.

Q7. I have relatives who may want to take part in this project, what should I do?

A. Email your relative’s name and their email address to the administrator. He will answer questions they may have and assist them in ordering a kit. However, remember that the potential donor must be an LMDD (living male Dillman descendant).

Q8. Is there more information about DNA on the Internet?

A. Yes, using a search engine search for “genealogy +DNA” as well as providing a some very helpful links on our dna reference page. Additionally, FamilyTreeDna has a good video on genealogy DNA.

Q9. How may I contribute to further the world wide efforts of the Dillman DNA project?

A. The Dillman DNA project is hosted by the Dillman Family Association.  Contributions  are greatly appreciated such as these made by DFA/DDNA members. Simply follow this FamilyTreeDna link . These thoughtful efforts may be made in the honor or memory of a loved one and are greatly appreciated by all members of the DFA and DDNA. Additionally, your membership in the Dillman Family Association will assist us in our efforts to communicate our objectives and successes as well as attracting new members to genealogists world wide. 100% of your contribution will be used to benefit all Dillman genealogists world wide as we are all volunteers.

Q10. What is required of me for membership in the DDNA project?

A. The DDNA is a group project with a mission to help all researchers of Dillman genealogy. To accomplish our mission all is required of you is a brief summary of your ancestry for our web site, regardless of how many generations you have documented. You are welcome to order your test outside of our project but as a project member you will realize a substantial group discounted rates. Please no names or data on living relatives should be submitted to the administrator for our web page.

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