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DNA Kit Facts

Ordering your DNA Kit

Upon meeting the minimum requirements for membership the project administrator will email you a link so you may order your kit on-line. If you choose to order a test without this link you will be charged the higher non-project rate.  FamilyTreeDNA has one of the easiest shopping carts available. However, if you prefer, the project administrator will place your order.

Group Discounted Prices

FamilyTreeDNA provides a discounted price list to the DillmanDNA Project for the many tests they provide. The Dillman Family Association and the DillmanDNA project are staffed by volunteers therefore all of your purchase price goes directly toward FamilyTreeDNA‘s lab and processing – we enjoy sharing in your results. The DDNA tests are the Y25, Y37, Y67 and new Y111 for the male lines.  There are also mtDNA kits available separately and in combination for investigating maternal lines, and autosomal tests for ethnicity.  Adding up a few on-line subscriptions, traveling, corresponding, and wait time this is a deal.

What is in the Kit

The FT-DNA kit contains an Instruction Sheet, a Release Sheet to be signed, three tiny bottles containing a soapy solution (a preservative type solution), and three “cheek scrapers.” An invoice and a self-addressed mailing envelope is also enclosed.

How the Sample is Obtained

The cheek scraper is about the size of an ordinary Q-tip. You remove the scraper from the sterile package and then scrape the inside of one cheek for about 60 seconds. Then the end of the scraper is ejected into the small glass bottle containing a soapy solution. Eight hours later, you do the same thing to your other cheek using the second scraper and bottle. Repeat the same process with the third scraper and bottle. The three bottles, your check (if you requested to pay by invoice and not a credit card) and signed release is then mailed to the Texas laboratory in their self-addressed padded mailing envelope.

….And be Patient

Your results will be emailed to you normally between five to seven weeks.

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