DNA links

Additional Genealogical DNA References

  • Contributions to the Dillman DNA Project will be greatly appreciated. The donation may be a personal gift or made in memory of a loved one. The DillmanFamilyAssociation are all volunteers therefore 100 % of every contribution is returned to the association for the benefit of all Dillman genealogists, world wide.
  • DNAlist.net is the world’s largest collection of DNA projects. Looking for another surname DNA project, a speaker, and/or brochures about genealogical DNA, this IS the place.
  • The Eccles Institute of Human Genetics of the University of Utah discusses many interesting and helpful topics.
  • Dr. Kerchner’s DNA Resources Page in particular his Genetic Genealogy 101 and Genetic Genealogy Glossary of terms and definitions.
  • FamilyTreeDNA – The company we’re recommending for DNA testing.
  • FamilyTreeDNA Audio and Video Resources – the benefits of genealogical DNA.
  • FamilyTreeDNA Forums
  • German forensic database.  Very technical site.
  • International Society of Genetic Genealogy – Good information for all levels, beginner to expert!
  • Y-Search – FamilyTreeDNA’s searchable world wide open database.  No matter which company’s DNA test you took, you can enter your results and search here.

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